The average cost of a Dallas wedding averages $26,000 for 150 guests, with many couples exceeding that figure as special touches are added, guest lists mushroom and venues are upgraded. Regardless of your budget and stress level, you can control costs and enjoy your day rather than being saddled with tremendous debt and heartache through careful planning. One way to ensure this is to hire a wedding planner.

What is a wedding planner and what do they do?Known as wedding planners, wedding consultants or wedding coordinators, professionals who plan and direct weddings for a living can be invaluable to busy brides and grooms trying to plan a wedding amidst their demanding careers and hectic everyday lives. Whatever the title, you want to hire a true professional – one who has had proper education and training and has been certified. You also would be wise to seek a consultant who has solid experience and is active in professional wedding industry organizations. Ask to see portfolios and request references.

A good wedding planner will first assess the needs of her clients by asking vision-casting questions to determine important factors such as the style of wedding they desire, size of guest list and available budget. Once the vision is established, the consultant will help develop a game plan for the entire planning process, tailored specifically for the happy couple. Moving forward, the planner will work hand-in-hand with the bride in all of the planning details, keeping track of deadlines, payment schedules and budget adherence.

If you choose to hire a wedding planner, it is most beneficial to have them involved from the beginning, when they can save you time and stress by helping you devise a focused plan and by guiding you to wedding vendors that have been pre-researched.

Many brides feel they can plan the wedding solo, only to find themselves overwhelmed with all the details and later hire a wedding consultant halfway through the process. If a bride has the time and resources to do all of the legwork to plan her own wedding and is especially organized, she might just hire a wedding planner to orchestrate the rehearsal and wedding day.

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