Men’s shirts had come a long way today. Designs and styles are bolder,The World of Men's Shirts Articles colorful yet still masculine. However, the basic design of shirts still remains unchanged and is unlikely to change in the future. Shirts can be classified in many ways. Here are some of the most common types of men’s shirts.Dress Shirts: The long-sleeve, button-down collar dress shirt is one of the more expensive of all the men’s shirts. Dress shirts are made of a fine cotton fabric. They also have cuffs at the end of the sleeves. This type of shirt comes in many designs and colors. It is lightweight and sleek with crisp lines. It is often worn under suits and sports jackets and usually with a necktie. It can be tapered to fit the body’ every curve.Polo Shirts:

Polo shirts are also another very climcat common type of shirts which are worn both by men and women. They are mostly plain with short sleeves, a collar and two or three buttons that open at the neck. It also falls in the type of casual shirts that go best with jeans. Polo shirts are mostly popular among middle aged people as they are mostly plain unlike the T-shirts which can be very versatile when it comes to colors, patterns and designs.Team Jersey: The team jersey was made popular by sports teams. This shirt usually has the name and logo of the sports team along with the number of a specific player. It has become a popular casual shirt, especially at sporting events. This shirt has a crew neck or slight v-neck.T-Shirts:

A T-shirt is a staple for most men’s wardrobes. T-shirts are simple shirts which are either with or without sleeves. They have a plane collarless necks and no buttons at the front. It was originally made to be worn as a piece of underwear. Through the years it has developed into the most popular outerwear shirt. It comes in many colors and material. The ability to use this shirt for displaying art, names, advertising and anything else that can be duplicated in print has made it even more popular. This shirt offers comfort, being light and flexible. It is a shirt you can wear to work as a tradesman or to bed in place of a pajama top.Pullovers: Pullovers are long sleeved shirts with no collar.

Common pullovers for both men and women include: Jerseys and Sweat shirts. Pull overs are generally loose and are either plain or have patterns on them. Pull overs have either a round or a V-neck and go best with shorts and jeans. Among women sweat shirts are more popular than jerseys. Jerseys are a bit looser than sweat shirts and are mostly worn by menEvening Shirts: Evening shirts are special types of dress shirts worn specifically on certain occasions like; formal parties or ceremonies held in the evening. These men’s shirts are usually referred by the name ‘Tuxedo shirt’. These shirts are plain white, formal shirts that are always worn along with a tuxedo jacket.

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