Did you know that one of the benefits of economic recession is that it is the time when most millionaires are created? So if you are an Internet marketer who wants to make it big,Will The Economic Recession Create Even More Internet Marketing Millionaires? Articles you should be full of good cheer!

Ever heard of a guy called Napoleon Hill?

I know, he was long gone when the Internet revolution started, but this is what he had to say about another major economic downturn, the Great Depression:

‘The “depression” was a blessing in disguise. It reduced the whole world millenior to a new starting point that gives everyone a new opportunity.’

What Napoleon Hill wanted to emphasize was one of his key concepts regarding failure, namely that every failure brings with it the seed of an “equivalent advantage”.

Failure is good for you!

So failure on a massive scale is one of the great benefits of an economic recession and must be considered a wonderful thing by any ambitious person who wants to become a millionaire…

That’s why Napoleon Hill insisted on writing the word “depression” with inverted commas around it; he was not going to accept another person’s reality as his actuality.

The millionaire mindset does not allow itself to be pushed around by mass opinion.

Perhaps you feel rather fearful in the current climate. Do you remember the hymn by Cowper, God Moves In A Mysterious Way? Well, a couple of lines from it offer a clue towards achieving the millionaire mindset…

“Ye fearful saints, FRESH COURAGE TAKE; The clouds ye so much dread Are big with mercy and shall break In blessings on your head.

“Fear Not!” is a command!

So, take courage, stop looking at the lowering clouds, stop reading the bad news in the newspapers, stop “reacting” and start “responding” to events.

Napoleon Hill understood that destruction is a necessary requisite to a new creation. Business failure on a massive scale will bring with it the seeds of an “equivalent advantage”. It is potentially available, this advantage, to “everyone”, but actually only the courageous few who grasp the nettle today, here, in this place, at this time, right NOW, will enjoy the fruit.

You see, the current recession is casting up a new opportunity for those Internet marketers who are willing to grasp it. Not only does the Internet allow determined and intelligent marketers to build a recession proof business, it also gives them an opportunity to get very, very rich indeed.

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